Palette Town NFTs

Color palettes to feed your nostalgia.

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Oct 3rd 1p PDT, 4pm EDT, 20:00 GMT

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Mint Stats

  • Color palettes designed off classic characters
  • Some badges are more rare than others
  • Badge types: vector, colored, holo
  • 5000 total available to mint

Mint Cost

0.25 SOL



September 2021

Gen one release. Holders of this gen, will receive free mints in future releases.


Q4 2021

Gen two-four release, 200+ more characters


Q1 2022

Gen five-seven release, 300+ more characters

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What are Palette Town NFTs?
Inspired by our childhood, these color palettes represent characters that will spark nostalgia and comfort for their owners.
How are the the palettes generated?
Each palette was created by analyzing the colors available on a character and extracting them into a rectangular palette card. These cards were then combined using algorithms with different badges to produce the NFT combos. The images are uploaded to Metaplex, the standard way to deploy NFTs on Solana.
How do I purchase a Palette Town NFT?
On release (TBA) click the “Mint NFT” button at top of this page. We are trying to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. However, if the solana blockchain gets clogged it could take a bit of time to receive your NFT.
Is each Palette Town NFT unique?
Yes, each minted palette will be unique from each other either by color design or different badges.
Which wallet should I use?
Phantom is the recommended wallet.
How to get in touch with us?
We are available via our Twitter and Discord that are linked to on this website.